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Fire Security

Delivering fire security solutions and protection is Southern Fire Alarm Security’s primary goal. It may be for a business or just a club house. Thanks to all of their special systems, we are guaranteed to be secure.



Security Protection


Southern Burglar Alarm Company provides safe, secure protection. Not only do they protect the building like the Anderson Country Club but also they protect the surrounding and property material of the buildings.

Benefits for all Owners

Businesses and households can benefit from Southern burglar and fire alarm systems:

  1. It can protect employees, customers, and property.
  2. Offers a reliable system that can protect family and property as well.

Southern Burglar Fire Alarm offers so may other benefits and their service is highly promoted.

Product Benefits

Southern Burglar Fire Alarm company is a service integrator and they provide intruder and fire alarm systems and customized burglar and fire alarm solutions.

Their team of professionals will work with you on offering great promotions and a wide variety of designs to better install a custom security solution that fits you and your household.

Fire Statistics

Smoke dectectors make a big difference, here are some statistics of fires:

  • Women are on the top rate that provide fire protection for the household. 60% of the time are women.
  • 95% of homes have at least one smoke alarm.
  • More than half of protected fire deaths occur in 5 percent of homes with no smoke alarms.
  • Cooking in the home is one of the major causes of residential fires.

Customer Testimonials

  •  “The installation team at Southern Burglar and Fire really took the time to listen to my questions and explain how to operate the alarm system and I appreciate that.” (Mountain Lakes Community Care)

Southern Burglar Fire Alarm Company is service oriented and they provide excellency satisfaction in access control work and installation. They provide referrals to gain new customers through quarterly newsletters and newspapers.

  • “I can’t tell you how impressed I was in dealing with your company. From start to finish it was one of the best experiences I have had since I arrived in South Carolina. Your staff has reason to be proud of the quality of work they do. They set a standard for others.” (Mary Martin)

Mission and Goals

Their goal is to achieve and meet the exceeded customer expectations by assuring that the following standards are met:

  • Employ personnel with high standards of ethics and professionalism.
  • Provide employees benefits that exceed industry standards.
  • Maintain current Underwriters Laboratories listing through yearly inspections.
  • Continue to use the highest quality equipment offered by the industry.
  • Offer products and services at competitive prices to assure customers maximum value for their dollars invested.
  • Provide the fastest services response time in the industry.
  • Be a community leader through participation in local civic and charity organizations.